Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Buon Giorno

Greetings everyone from beautiful Venice, Italy (Venezia). This trip continues to be amazing. Sorry I wasn't able to update the blog yesterday. We have been having Internet issues here. It's really not an Internet issue as much as it is an electrical problem. The power adaptors we brought from the states aren't working here in Italy. I have just enough battery juice right now to give a brief update.

We have spent the entire day today touring the boat. As you may or may not know this city is "completely" covered by water. There are no cars. You have to go everywhere by boat. We have been using the water taxi to go from place to place. I'm not going to be able to upload any pictures during this session, but will make sure to do so during my next update.

We spent the better part of yesterday in the car driving from Munich to Venice. I think I put about 375 miles on the car yesterday. I managed to take the car up to 125 mph on one stretch of the Autobahn. It was very smooth and very stable. Most of the trip through Germany we drove between 90 - 100 mph. Brian drove a 2-3 hour stretch yesterday, mostly through Italy, and he hit 100 mph. It's going to be very difficult coming back to the states and driving 55 mph. Reminds me of a particular Sammy Hagar song.

Any way, hope you are all well. I'll do my best to get some updated pictures uploaded soon.



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