Monday, March 10, 2008

Dan Takes Delivery Of His New Car

BMW Welt ( translated "BMW World"). That's Olympic Stadium across the street, site of the 1972 Olympics.

Dan sees his new car for the first time.

The car had 0.2 mile on it when I took delivery.

I am now the proud owner of a BMW 335i sedan. The car is beautiful and it handles like a dream. Brian was mesmerized by the whole delivery process. His enthusiasm is obvious by one of the photos shown above.

Shortly after leaving BMW Welt we had winter tires/wheels mounted on the car. We can now drive anywhere without worrying (me) about getting a 400 Euro ticket. Pictures of the car are above. By the way, the car did not even have 14 miles on it before Brian ripped a HUGE fart on my new leather seats. I would say I was surprised, but that would be an obvious lie. So much for the "new car" smell. If a new car smelled like this they would call it a Yugo.

Tomorrow we're off to Italy. Pictures to follow...

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Steve Erdahl said...

very niiiiiiiiiiiiice!