Friday, March 14, 2008

Our Last Full Day In Switzerland...

Our last day in Switzerland was a good one. As I mentioned in my previous post we visited the Schilthorn today. The weather was clear, cold and sunny at 10,000 feet.

We were not able to visit Trummelbach falls as we had originally planned because it does not open until April.

A clarification from a previous post…the semi-truck accident that we saw in Italy (pictures below) happened 10 minutes or so before we got there. WE WERE NEVER IN ANY DANGER. We simply got stuck in a bit of Italian gridlock. There were 6 – 7 trucks involved in that accident.

Here are a few more pictures from Como, Italy (Lake Como). A couple of observations:
1) The first picture below is of George Clooney's yacht. We thought it would be bigger.
2) Our best meal of the trip so far was the pizza and red wine we had at the lake.

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