Monday, March 10, 2008

Good News (and bad)

We made it to Munich and I am sitting in the Premium Lounge at BMW Welt updating the blog. The delivery center is absolutely gorgeous. We are taking lots of good pictures. The four of us are scheduled to take the factory tour at 11:30AM. I should take actual delivery of my car around 3:20PM.

Now the bad news...British Airways lost Jerry's, Lynn's and my luggage. We have absolutely no idea where it is (and either do they). As you can imagine this has really put a bit of a damper on the trip. I know my bag made it to Seattle because I saw it through the open luggage compartment door as I was getting off the plane. Somewhere between Seattle and Munich it got lost. For whatever reason Brian's luggage made it through.

Will try to upload pictures later. This may prove difficult because our room does not have Internet access. Until then here are a couple pictures of Jerry and me in our British Airways First Class seats. In my lap I'm holding my British Airways Sleep Suit (pajamas). Hey, if you've got to fly you might as well fly First Class!

Stay tuned...

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